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Tips To Take Care Of Synthetic Hair Wigs}

Tips to Take Care of Synthetic Hair Wigs


jamesA toupee is a hair system that artificially covers the head. Worn by both men and women either to conceal a receding hairline, a bald head or simply to enhance looks, it is made from synthetic hair fibers or real human hair. But whatever be the material, it is important to take care of your hair system so that it lives its full life without losing its sheen and style. Synthetic hair wigs are easy to maintain. In fact they do not require very high maintenance and easily retain their original look once washed. Also, synthetic hair wigs are weather resistant, thus they give you a stylish look even during bad, humid weather conditions.But having said this, synthetic hair systems still require a basic maintenance regime. Here are a few handy tips to keep your synthetic hair system new and going: Use hair products that are meant only for synthetic hair pieces. Use branded hairsprays, shampoos and conditioners for best results. Synthetic hair systems get damaged on exposure to heat. Therefore, do not use blow dryer and curling iron. In case you need to change your style, get a customized new hair piece. Do not wash your hair piece too often. Ideally it should be washed after every 7-10 uses. Follow washing instructions clearly. Do not follow a general rule for all hair pieces.While it is important to follow the washing instructions specific to the hair piece, here are a few general rules to be followed while washing your synthetic hair wig. First and foremost step is to remove all tangles in the wig. Remember to do it gently. This can be done either by running your fingers or by using a wide toothed hair brush. Fill up a bucket with cold water and add hair shampoo to it. Remember to use the shampoo specifically designed for synthetic hair pieces. Gently dip the hair wig inside and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. While in water, gently wash the hair strands by swirling the hair piece. Do not rub it. Once clean, rinse the wig under running water. Make sure you keep the water pressure low. Shake it, turn it, and flip it; until all the shampoo is drained. Shake off the excess water and towel dry the wig. To towel dry, spread it across the towel and gently pat it dry. Take some synthetic hair conditioner on your fingers and palm. Slowly and gently apply it to the strands of the wig. Allow your wig to dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight. Place it inside the room on a wig stand. Precision Hair Plus is reckoned for its superior hair replacement systems and effective hair loss solutions. Head quartered at Melbourne, the company provides matchless services to people across Australia.

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