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3 Obscure Reasons For Owning Pagers}

Submitted by: Jenny Kettlewell

When we think of pagers, we automatically think of hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and other places of work where pagers are used in order to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. However, these are not the only places you will find them. We take a look at some of the slightly more obscure reasons for owning a pager.

Rare Bird Alerts

Birdwatching may not be a pastime that you particularly associate with technology, yet you would be surprised at just how often pagers are used by twitchers. The rare bird alert service is a comprehensive news system keeping birdwatchers around the United Kingdom up to date with all the latest news and rare bird sightings. But they don’t just share their findings over the Internet, they also offer their very own pager service, by which people can keep abreast of updates. Whether you twitch only at the weekends, or have a little more time on your hands and are willing to drop everything to head to where a rare bird has been sighted no matter what the time of day, there is a rare bird alert package that suits you. So if you’re thinking of taking up twitching, make sure your pagers are tuned into the rare bird alerts service.

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Smaller than a Diary

Are you constantly forgetting your to-do lists and meetings, but are tired of carrying a cumbersome diary around all the time? If this sounds like you, then perhaps a pager could be the solution to your problems. A new system known as Neuro-page has been created in order to help those with memory/planning impairments. The system works by inputting the list of events or tasks to be remembered into a computer, which will then send out reminders to pagers at the correct time so that nothing can be forgotten! This system is not only convenient and incredibly useful, but is also said to help to improve memory in the long run. Much smaller and easier to carry around than a diary, this new way of carrying your to-do lists with you is bound to make you more organised.

Finding the Remote Control

Now the person who came up with this idea certainly deserves top marks for innovation when it comes to the best uses for pagers. It seems that many people are simply too tired of spending hours of their evenings looking for the remote control down the side of the sofa, and so they have taken to attaching pagers to them. That way, all they need do if they can’t find the remote, is send themselves a message and follow the bleeping. This bright idea may seem like a somewhat extreme use for a pager, but it undeniably takes all the tantrums and stress out of television.

So, if you’re pondering whether pagers are useful anywhere other than in the workplace, simply open your mind and use your imagination a little; as these examples prove, there are plenty of obscure ways in which pagers can be incredibly useful, even in the most unlikely and unexpected situations.

Jenny Kettlewell is the Marketing Manager for Multitone Systems, a telecommunications strategy company that has provided the pagers and paging systems for organisations in the public and private sector for many years.

About the Author: Jenny Kettlewell is the Marketing Manager for Multitone Systems, a telecommunications strategy company that has provided the


and paging systems for organisations in the public and private sector for many years.


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Outdoor Furniture Wholesale 98

Outdoor Furniture Wholesale 98


Ronnie May

Rustic Log Patio Furniture Considerations

A nice wanting patio is ineffective in the event you cannot enjoy it properly and a few rustic log patio furniture may be just the answer for that. Pine and cedar furnishings that is designed specifically for the outdoors not only appears great however it is also extraordinarily functional. Not solely will the rustic touch add to the general image of your patio and garden, but additionally, you will enjoy all the comforts of your home outdoors.

Rustic furniture is likely one of the hottest traits in dwelling adorning and chances are high it is going to nonetheless be fashionable years and years from now. Pine and cedar wooden is mostly used to manufacture rustic log patio furniture, however other sorts of wooden may additionally be used. One of many important concerns related to outside furnishings is the impact of the elements on the wood and coating, as well as on different equipment and parts. To reply such issues, most outdoor furniture manufacturers supply gadgets which might be waterproof and that age in a sleek method beneath the sun\’s rays.

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Gadgets to contemplate as your rustic log patio furniture

Chairs are, of course, the number one furnishings merchandise that comes to thoughts when considering of the outdoors. Enjoy the fantastic thing about your backyard in a standard or Adirondack model chair. You may get an unvarnished picket chair if you wish to preserve your property as rustic as attainable, or you\’ll be able to go with a smooth weathered paint or exterior coated chair. Ottomans are another item of rustic log patio furnishings that you can put in your \”to buy\” list. Not only do they provide wonderful consolation, ottomans are also extra fashionable than chairs and they enhance the visual aspect of your patio. Footrests are a popular item to buy alongside ottomans and chairs.

Rocker chairs are unique and fun, plus you can use a blanket to make them delicate and comfy and spend hours admiring the view of your garden or yard. And if you want, you\’ll be able to take this even additional and purchase a picket love seat, providing a great place to share recollections with the one you love.

Benches, tables and kids\’s furnishings

These rustic log patio furnishings objects also needs to be in your record if you wish to have a terrific wanting and, on the identical time, extraordinarily purposeful patio. Log style benches are priceless with regards to seating loads of guests. Of course, if you find yourself on their own you may also use the bench as a footrest. Tables and low tables are one other popular rustic log patio furniture item.

Rot resistant supplies are utilized in all of the mentioned furnishings gadgets and lots of producers supply insect resistant ones as well. You probably have youngsters, why not allow them to enjoy the patio as a lot as you do? You should buy small sized rockers, tables and chairs and you\’ll go for natural wood or quite a lot of full of life colors your kids will love.

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Outdoor Furniture Wholesale

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