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How To Judge Advertising Creative}

How to judge advertising creative


Nadeem Ahmed Khan

Advertising is all about communicating with the consumers. Here, audiences would typically pay attention to the advertisement only if it is creative, attractive and provide information about the product which is useful for them. While creating and formulating the advertising campaign first we need to decide on how we can make it different from other competitors advertisement. How creatively we can put the information through content, images, audio and video so that the information will reach to the audiences in a catchy and engaging manner. For this we need to judge our advertising creative so that we can learn how effective it would be to achieve objectives.

Judging the advertising creative is not easy. Youve got to balance the head, the heart and the gut against the good of the brand.

Do you love what it can do for your brand? : If you dont love the advertisement creative which you have created, how do you expect your consumer to love it? A great advertisement has to have everyones heart and soul put into it. You have to feel great about your advertisement creative because it you only like it then it will be Ok in the end but if you love it then only you will fight for it.

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Is it on Strategy? : While planning advertising campaign we must chart down some strategy which we should follow while executing it. While judging the advertising creative we must look for the answer in the advertisement, an expression of what we have been writing in our strategy documents.

Does it have a concept/ an Idea? : The advertisement campaign has to build on an idea that is scalable. A concept that can easily be extended on all media platforms for a long period of time.

Be part of the Story: If an advertising campaign is able to tell a story about the brand or the product its all the more better. Advertisement campaign has to be creative enough to narrate a story easily and effectively without any misinterpretation.

Is it telling the truth? : Advertisements should always be truthful; otherwise it bounces back on the brand.

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Advertising helps in creating awareness about a product and its advantages. In order to advertise a product and to convince the buyers one has to develop a strategy, an advertising strategy. Developing a campaign to communicate ideas about products and services in the most simple and interesting way to the potential customers is known as advertising strategy.

Before developing advertising campaign one needs to think about the campaign in a rational and logical fashion. Developing advertising strategy will also reflect other business considerations like overall budget, brand recognitions efforts and objectives like public image enhancement, market share growth as well.

According to Alexander Hiam and Charles D. Schewe, authors of Portable MBA in Marketing, a businesss advertising strategy determine the character of the companys public face. If you have a small business with limited capital and cant spend much to advertise your product or brand as a large corporation, still with advertising strategy you can develop a highly effective advertising campaign. Creativity and flexible planning, based on an in-depth knowledge of the target consumer is the key to effective advertising strategy.

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Characteristics Of Medical Equipment Supply

Submitted by: Orietta Qi

A medical equipment in hospitals are able to play its best performance, in addition to the technical performance and the machine itself has a direct relationship, but also the quality of power supply and has an extremely important relationship. Power quality is good or bad, will directly affect the operation of medical equipment, stability and reliability, and even lead to accidents and major medical equipment, causing huge economic losses.

At present, the domestic medical equipment they use 220V mains power supply. Because different types of medical equipment supply needs, the current use than the centralized power structure. From a centralized power converter to generate the required output voltage of different voltage levels. Because of its low cost, high efficiency, output voltage adjust, output noise, and fast dynamic response is very suitable for the medical class of devices, the medical class of devices currently in use up to a power supply. Medical equipment supply program identified the need to consider the following questions.

Security and isolation

Security and isolation are common power supply and medical supply business a major difference. Typically, in addition to some experimental analysis class equipment, medical equipment mostly installed in the bed or operating table near the operator’s distance from and the more recent, case often will be touched. Medical equipment within a variety of strong, weak parts, if the strength of electrical isolation between the insulation material or a housing problem, it will be very dangerous. Most of the medical device safety testing power must be UL60601-1, C-UL, EN60601-1 and other security certification. Input and output must be more than 4,000 V isolation voltage and low leakage current requirements on the ground in line with safety regulations required creepage distance. The need for strong double insulated electrical parts, in particular, may be some contact with the equipment enclosure must strengthen the insulation design.

Electromagnetic compatibility and anti-electromagnetic interference

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Equipment selection for the medical class, or build a good power supply system, must focus on improving the supply of electromagnetic compatibility and resistance to electromagnetic interference. Mainly from the following aspects to consider:

Design. PCB design and layout, the general power supply will contain some high-frequency signal, PCB printed on the line can play any role in the antenna, the length and width of the printed lines will affect the resistance and inductance, thus affecting the frequency respond in a timely manner through the production line of DC signal will be produced from a nearby line coupled to the RF signal and cause circuit problems. Therefore, the power to choose the medical class of the big brands, has a strong R & D strength of the company’s products, these products in the design and production technology, can guarantee good quality.

Shield. In order to suppress switching power supply generated by radiation, to eliminate electromagnetic interference on other electronic equipment, medical equipment, the impact of the best way is to power the magnetic field shield, and then the shield and medical equipment chassis or Di as a single entity This is a multiplier approach.

Certification. Most of the medical equipment category at this stage the power needs through the FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55011 55022 61204 61000 and other anti-electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference tests. Select products to complete these tests not only ensure that no devices regularly produce electromagnetic effects of other electronic components, medical equipment and reduce development cycles and time to market inspected before.

Size and high power density. In addition to the medical class of multi-function devices, high-precision test and adjust the direction of development, smaller size and portability is also a direction. This power supply medical equipment required to be smaller board area conditions have higher power output.

Special applications. On the market today centralized power supply products are mostly the standard output, even if some external power supplies can output regulation circuit manner, adjustment range is not great, but stability is also problematic. If you hit a low voltage, high current or high voltage direct current situation how to deal with, of course uses a customized approach, but the price is very high, customer acceptability.

Price. Today, the price of medical equipment because of fierce competition, have been gradually transparent, especially for small home medical equipment, prices have been very popular and mass. So this requires an important part of medical equipment – power, must have a competitive price.

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