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Online Car Auctions For Wholesaler 3 Things To Watch Out For

By Deon Du Plessis

Fact: Online car auctions are here to stay. When online car auctions first appeared in early 2000, most people made it out to be just a phase and the latest fad that will soon pass. When eBay launched their online car auction sites everybody started looking towards online car auctions with a much greater interest. Not only are the potential great, but the potential is far reaching for everyone, form the consumer all the way up to the retailers and even the manufacturers.

At first it might seem a bit strange to buy a car online, but it really has become as simple as buying your groceries online. Online car auctions for wholesalers is probably the most exciting side of trading online with vehicles. The internet and online auctions have opened up a whole new marketplace for wholesalers and dealers and finding great deals has indeed become incredibly easy.

Online car auctions for wholesaler are mostly government sourced. These vehicles are either government owned vehicles that are being sold off in lots or vehicles that were possessed in the course of law enforcement. Storing and managing all these vehicles can be an arduous task and selling off these vehicles quickly, sometimes ridiculously low prices, are a priority with the agencies. Government agencies usually purchase and sell vehicles in batches and picking up anything from 2 to 200 vehicles can be quite an easy task with online auctions a task that might have been near impossible to source before online auctions.

As wonderful and advantageous as all of this might sound, there are some important things to look out for at online car auctions for wholesaler. Here are three critical check boxes:

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1. Do your due diligence

Make sure that the website offering or listing the auction is legit and that they really do list wholesale auctions. Its become quite a catch that many websites are exploiting, offering huge listings of so-called repossessed vehicle. When you actually get to the auction you might just find yourself disappointed. Very few agencies actually deal with and act on behalf of the government to run the auctions. The hardest job is not so much in finding the best vehicle, but in actually finding the best online auctions and auction sites. Many sites that offer free listings are only after your personal details that they can then sell of again.

2. Read the terms and conditions

In the internet age, weve become so blas with terms and conditions that very few people actually read them anymore. Well, when you get to an online car auctions for wholesaler, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. Make sure you are familiar with the fees and costs a 2% fee can have a serious impact on the price of fifteen $20 000 vehicles! Most of the reliable paid-for listings of government auctions screen the auctions before hand and you are less likely to run into hidden clauses and costs. Stay away from hot tip websites that tell you about the hush-hush auction of brand new government vehicles that are going down. Go with trusted websites thats been in business for a while and pay the small fee to get access to the real auctions in the long run you will be glad you did.

3. Set and play to your own bidding rules

A curse of online bidding is in chasing prices. Somehow its so easy to get caught up in chasing the deal of a lifetime and you will often find yourself overbidding if you are not careful. Remember that you are there to buy cars, not to win bids. An online bid is just as binding as a bid on a real life auction. Never bid unless you are serious the rules are very strict and you will be held accountable for your bid.

Online car auctions have indeed opened up a whole new marketplace especially for wholesalers. It basically means that you can get access to a great resource without having any contacts like in the olden days. Online car auctions for wholesalers are also no longer restricted to specific cities or states as the online auctions are available to anyone anywhere. With the ever increasing demand for vehicle transport it is likely that online car auctions will become an even greater resource for wholesalers, dealers and even consumers. Tap into this lucrative market and with online business exploding in all areas, you would want to get in on the action sooner rather than later.

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