SA P Bi Sample Resume Template

SAP BI Consultant


  • Having X years of experience in SAP-BI as BI Consultant. Have Work experience in different kinds of projects like Implementation and Production Support Projects in SAP BI 7.0, BW 3.5, BPS, Integrated Planning and BOXI 3.0
  • Implemented 4 Full Life cycles as a BI consultant using ASAP methodology for ETL that includes gathering business requirements, analyzing the business process, Identifying and analyzing the Gaps, Implementation, Designing, Configuration, Customization, Unit/Integration testing, Data migration, Go-live and Post-go-live support along with other Post-Implementation and Post Maintenance projects in SD, MM and FICO functional areas.
  • Good knowledge of SAP new generation products like BPC7.0NW,BOBJ Enterprise Tool set(Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, Live office, Xcelsius, SAP Crystal Reports and QAWS
  • Good Experience in BW Extractions, BW Modeling and BEX Reporting, BPS and Integrated Planning
  • Extensive knowledge of SAP BW/BI components and ETL process like creating Info Cubes, Multi Providers, Remote Cubes, Transactional Cubes, Data Marts, Info Source, Info Package, Data Source, Info Objects, ODS (DSO), Update rules, routines, Transfer rules, Process Chains and Event management for Automation process, Transformations in BI 2004s.
  • Created Aggregation Levels, Planning Filters, Planning functions, Planning Sequences, Data Slices, Characteristic Relationships using Integrated Planning
  • Created Multi Planning Area and Modeling of Planning Structures using Planning Area, Planning levels ,Planning functions, Planning packages, Parameter groups and planning sequences using SEM-BPS
  • Developed Planning Functions using Fox programming to process plan/Actual data based on the requirements
  • Experience with implementation, configuration and solving of module-level issues in FICO, FI-SL, CO-PA, FI-GL, LIS, LO, MM, SD, QM, and IM.
  • Strong experience with OLAP reporting in BW and implementation of BEx Analyzer. Worked extensively with BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer for developing reports, analysis, and Web reporting.
  • Debugging Data load errors, Delta Queue Monitoring, and Extractor Checker by simulating BW asking for data and Customer Exits. Master/Transaction data testing
  • Hands-on experience on Queries, Calculated and Restricted key figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, Crystal reports, Authorizations, User profile maintenance, BEx Analyzer, Info set query, RRI, Web reporting and Workbooks.
  • Experience in extracting data from SAP R3/ECC, non-SAP systems, and flat files
  • Good Knowledge in SAPR/3 ABAP/4 Data Dictionary, Editor, BDC, Reports and Scripts.
  • Good team player, Strong team orientation & leadership qualities, hard working and enthusiastic.
  • Very good logical skills suitable for process design, development & implementation.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and Customer Oriented attitude.


  • Expertise in creation of info source, info objects maintenance, transformations.
  • Good understanding of Data Modeling using BW Extended Star Schema.
  • Expertise in creation of Basic cube, Remote cube, Transaction cubes and DSO.
  • Involved in managing of Info cube, which involves Info cube content, performance issues like Indices, Statistics, compression of Info cube and rolling up the data to the aggregates.
  • Expertise in Business Explorer Analyzer for Reporting.
  • Expertise in Generic Extraction of Table, Views and function Module
  • Knowledge in Web Application Designer.
  • Created DSO objects for data staging in BW.
  • Good Knowledge in Business Content objects and creation of multi providers and info set.
  • Expertise in Performance Tuning Concepts like Compression, Aggregates, Partitioning, Indices and Line item Dimension.
  • Experience in Building and enhancing BI objects that include Info Objects, Data Sources, Transformations, DTP, DSO, Info Cubes, Multi-providers, Info set and Open Hub.
  • Creation of Info Packages , info package groups and Process chain maintenance
  • As part of Quality management standards to deliver the objects in quality performed Unit testing and recorded the test results in unit test cases documents in Quality Center Tool
  • Extensively worked on ETL from Customer generated application specific generic extractors LIS, LO, CO-PA and SAP BW/BI 7.0 content.
  • Knowledge in ABAP/4 Data Dictionary, Editor, BDC, Reports and Smart forms
  • Experience in process chain management, Monitoring and scheduling the batch jobs
  • Good understanding of ASAP implementation methodology.

Technical Skills:


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Reporting Tools : Bex Analyser, WAD,Report Designer,Webi,Crystal Report

Operating Skills : MS-DOS, WINDOWS’95/98/NT, WINDOWS 2000

Languages : ABAP/4, C, C++, Java

Internet Technologies : HTML, JAVA SCRIPT

Database : ORACLE 9i.

Educational Qualification:



Environment: SAP-BI 7.0, Oracle DB


  • Developed Custom Aggregation Levels, Filters, Planning Functions and Planning Sequences required for various applications like Trail Balance, Consolidation of Cost Center Actual, Profit Center Actual and Balance Sheet Actual applications.
  • Developed Virtual Cube to fetch exchange rates stored in TCURR table at runtime
  • Developed Consolidated P&L , Balance Sheet trend reports, monthly, Yearly and Year to date showing with Actual vs Budget, Actual vs. Forecast data and integrated them into several financial reporting workbooks
  • Remodeled Cost center Planning, Profit Center Planning, Balance Sheet Planning cubes developed in prior phase in order to maintain company code and group currency Key figure to support consolidation data.
  • Maintained Characteristic relationship to derive company code, profit center while planning in planning applications by planners
  • Developed Currency Translation function by using Formula type Planning function to transfer currency from different local currencies to group currency as per exchange rates (PLN,MTD and YTD) maintained in TCURR table in all planning applications developed in prior phase.
  • Developed transactional cubes for Consolidation of Cost center actual, Profit Center Actual and G/L Actual and involved in loading of actual data from 0CCA_C11,0PCA_C01,0FIGL_C01 to the Cost center Actual, Profit Center Actual and Balance Sheet Actual cubes.
  • Developed Balance Sheet transaction Cube to maintain Balance sheet plan data.
  • Used APD technology to display four months of AR details in “61days past overdue” report.
  • Created Process Chains to automate the data load and data target administration and monitored the processes.
  • Developed formula type planning functions to derive P&L and B/S eliminations
  • Maintained different hierarchies with accounts relevant for CCA, PCA applications similar to Account group in R/3 in order to send data from Trail balance to corresponding applications.
  • Developed Start routine in order to load accounts relevant to B/S to Balance sheet cube based on ‘B/S flag’ maintained in master data.
  • Developed planning functions to Send TB data to CCA Cons, PCA Cons and GL Cons.
  • Developed different planning workbooks, Input Queries required for CCA,PCA and Balance Sheet Applications and integrated planning sequences to buttons in the workbooks.
  • Created different Currency translation types, exchange rate types by using RSCUR t.code and used in currency translation planning function type for currency translation.
  • Developed Monthly, Yearly and YTD P&L, Balance Sheet reports and created text, characteristic, formula variables with customer exit processing type.

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