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Quick And Easy Lasagna With The Hartstone Baker Pan}

Quick and Easy Lasagna with the Hartstone Baker Pan


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Maria Cantos

Perfect Lasagna while using Rectangular Baker Lasagna Pan from The Original Hartstone Pottery, Inc.. Designed to go inside the oven, the pan is manufactured from vitrified stone, typically fired at temperatures above 2,100 Fahrenheit that makes stoneware dense, strong and non-porous. The Rectangular Baker Lasagna Pan is effortlessly stick resistant and non-absorbent. The baked product comes out easily without having any metallic or plastic off-tastes. And because heating is even, there are no burned bottoms, underdone centers and hard crusts, or gummy pasta and dried out sauce.

Serve your lasagna straight out of the oven! Stoneware retains heat, thus allowing you more convenience in timing your dishes. Freezer to oven safe, the Lasagna Pan is microwave and is dishwasher safe, too. Slice and dish out in the pan not having worries about breaking, marring and chipping. All body and glaze are non-toxic and lead and cadmium free. The Hartstone designs take this benefit further together with the different patterns available.Hand-crafted and hand-painted, the Rectangular Baker Lasagna Pans consists of attractive patterns. Regardless if you are alumni from the University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin or Ohio State University, there is a pattern suitable for you in the College Collection. Celebrate the harvest with Russet Apple and Farmers Market patterns. Bring back your childhood in the Checkmates pattern. Or prefer simple and select plain ivory finish of the Baking Stone Rectangular Baker.The Lasagna Pan can also be used for any pasta dish, whether for baking or just for serving. Fudge brownies and moist cakes, too! The Hartstone Rectangular Baker Lasagna Pan is definitely versatile and can also be used for brownies and cakes. It is meant to be used for both conventional and microwave oven.User friendly and baker friendly! The Hartstone Rectangular Baker Lasagna Pan should be seasoned only once, prior to use. The first time you use your pan, season it with any rubbed or sprayed cooking oil. Also, since Hartstone wants you to definitely be stress-free, they made the baker pan dishwasher and soap safe. Fill up the dishwasher and presto! Clean and roaring to get baking again!The Original Hartstone Pottery, Inc. boasts of an extended and significant history of pottery making. Founded in 1976, this company keeps its legacy of high quality and craftsmanship to the present. From collectors and enthusiasts of traditional American pottery to chefs, homemaker or bakers, Hartstone presents baking stones, tableware and ornaments which are of the best quality and value in the kitchen, table top, oven and as giftware items.Anna Cantos

is a practicing food technologist and freelance writer who loves to eat, read, bake, cook and write.

The Hartstone Pottery, Inc.

is a great source of hand-made stoneware products such as dinnerware, bakeware and gift ornaments.

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Quick and Easy Lasagna with the Hartstone Baker Pan}

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Espresso Machine Or Coffee Maker: Which Type Should You Get?

By Jana Salford

Both the standard coffee maker and an espresso machine are ideal home appliances we would love to have, so choosing which one to get can be quite difficult. Your choice will really depend on the purpose why you are getting a coffee making machine for your home.

Coffee makers and all the more sophisticated coffee machines are designed to make the process of preparing coffee a whole lot easier. This is really great if you have a family, or if a lot of your friends or relatives come to your house regularly. Especially if you do a lot of entertaining, coffee making machines will be of great value to you.

You wont have to prepare coffee in individual cups if you have guests in your home, since coffee makers allow you to brew for the appropriate number of cups that you will need. So that takes out the hassle of fixing each guest his own cup since you can serve brewed coffee in a pot and your guests can simply pour and prepare their own serving. Other more sophisticated coffee machines allow you to prepare specific types such as espresso, cappuccino or latte with just a flip on a switch or a click on a button.

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The appliance stores are teeming with lots of attractive coffee makers from different brands, and choosing which one to get can seem quite daunting. The first decision you will have to make is whether to buy a coffee maker or an espresso machine. Although both types are used to prepare coffee, there is a load of difference between the two. An espresso machine makes a potent espresso shot while a coffee maker produces a milder black coffee. The design and features of each specific coffee machine is also quite different. The regular coffee maker comes with a water receptacle, a filter and a pot. The espresso machine on the other hand, is more complex with a boiler, filtration system, and a form of steam driven device. And each type is available in different styles.

These two coffee machines use different types of ground coffee to start with. A coffee maker takes standard ground coffee that is found in most stores. Espresso machines use espresso ground coffee beans, which is normally a lot stronger than regular ground. Espresso coffee is usually sold in gourmet or deli outlets and specialty coffee shops.

Another factor to consider when making your choice is its ease of use. Making a cup of coffee can be a breeze for most, but not everyone can become a coffee barista and make a great shot of espresso. If you want less of the hassle, you can opt for the regular coffee maker instead of getting the more sophisticated espresso type.

Lastly, the price tag may determine much of your final decision. While both types can vary in price, a coffee maker is typically more affordable than the average espresso machine.

These should be your points of consideration when deciding whether a coffee maker or espresso machine will work best for you and your home.

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