Build Your Own Electric Solar Panel At Home And Cut Energy Costs

Build Your Own Electric Solar Panel At Home And Cut Energy Costs by Richard LeggWhen the economy is rocky, people can’t help but think of where they can invest that will actually pay for itself. One way is to invest in a reliable source of renewable energy and figure out how to build your own solar panels. This is an investment that will actually pay off and save you money.DIY solar kits are easy to find online or from residential stores. If you’re looking to spend about $350, you can get a 20-watt kit. For about $600, a 1 kWh kit can run your television for 20 hours. Or, if you want to spend less, you can build your own residential solar powered panels.Tools and supplies to build your own solar panels can be found right in your own garage, or at a hardware store. Building these solar energy panels can cost between less than $100 to $200 and can power small appliances and even some lights. Once you get the hang of it, they can be wired together to produce more power and save more moneyABOUT HOME SOLAR CELLSSolar cells are the most important aspect of building solar panels. Also referred to as photovoltaic cells, they can be easily found online or in retail stores for about $1 per cell. However, conducting extensive research is important in order to ensure that you are buying a good quality solar panel.The solar cells of a solar energy panel are hooked together with copper wiring and organized within the solar panels to trap sun and convert it into electricity. Solar cells should be stacked together horizontally and placed outside in a location that can have the most direct access to the sun’s rays.Even a solar powered panel that is only 200-watts can convert sunlight into enough energy for charging a battery. It can also be converted to AC or DC voltage and the battery can collect and store power from the sun for when the sunlight is dim or there are power outages.HOW TO BUILD INEXPENSIVE SOLAR PANELSHere are some tips on building your own solar panels:*Find a small solar panel that is 12 volts or higher. *Get a small, rechargeable battery. You’re looking for a deep cell battery to hold a constant charge.*Purchase a battery box to protect you from the power of the battery. *Purchase a DC meter matching your battery voltage. This will convert energy from the panel and send them to power sources in your house. *Use a drill to attach the meter and DC input to the top of the battery box. Insulated wire can be used to connect the battery and the meter. Connect the first wire to the negative input first so you don’t get shocked. *Close the lid and situate the box outside in the sun. After approximately eight hours, your solar panel is ready to use.As a way of investing, it’s always smart to invest in renewable energy. Imagine having the ability to build your own solar panels at home and save money while doing it. Learning how to build solar panels is the best way to do this.Do you want to learn how to build solar panels and cut your energy bill by 80 percent or more? To discover how to build your own solar panels in less than a day and start saving money on electricity, click here to visit the site now: Source: