Claiming A Misplaced Wedding Ring On Insurance

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It is necessary at times to provide for insurance cover on your wedding ring. Sometimes, this will possibly not be covered by the normal insurance taken on your home. If your wedding ring is missing, you will definitely need to have insured it before you can be indemnified by the insurer.

If you take a look at most wedding insurance requests for indemnifications, you will realize that most of what is claimed for includes misplaced wedding rings. What you should know is that the ring is some sort of a bond that should unite the bride and the groom. Think of a scenario in which it is lost and it cannot be found. You must therefore take all reasonable steps to make sure that you receive some insurance protection in case the ring is misplaced. But you may want to know the course of action on being indemnified for a misplaced wedding ring.

What Is The Course Of Action On Being Indemnified For A Misplaced Wedding Ring?

In most cases, the extent to which you can be indemnified on a misplaced wedding ring will be decided by the provisions of a particular insurance policy. It is normal that coverage should only be restricted to misplaced rings that were lost a week before or a day after the wedding day. This may not be the same provision for every insurer. If you need some more coverage for this, you should scout for the right insurer willing and able to offer more than this.


If you misplace your wedding ring, you will have to request for indemnification. The process is simple. Begin by taking out a claims form and make sure you complete all the requirements. You must include a detail account of what went wrong with the ring or the circumstances under which it was misplaced. Remember to be precise and also make sure you include only accurate information. Your request may be dismissed because of wrong information. Also make sure that your proof of payment to establish the existence and value of the ring is in tact.

Remember that most insurers will only provide cover for the actual wedding ring. This means that the engagement ring will not be covered by the policy. You have a duty of care to carefully read through the lines of every policy to make sure that you have understood everything and that you have full coverage of what you seek to be covered.

Claiming a Misplaced Wedding Ring through a Homeowner s Insurance

The provision for this is almost the same thing with claming for a lost ring under insurance for a misplaced wedding ring. Ahead of making a request for indemnification, make sure that the ring was reported missing either a week prior to the wedding day, or a day after the wedding took place. This is what will first of all give you the legal standing to bring up a claim under the homeowner s or renter s insurance. Also take particular care in reading through the lines of the insurance policy because not every policy makes provisions for this.

If you intend seeking coverage for misplaced wedding rings as well as engagement rings, it is good to opt for an insurance policy that will protect personal belongings. Ask from the insurer if this is possible. If this is going to be part of your normal insurance policy, this could mean saving up some money. However, make sure that you have just what you are seeking for. You will also have to complete a request form. Make sure that only precise and accurate information is supplied on the form. Avoid any situation in which your request will be rejected.

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