Comparing Before And After Images Is Good Before Going To A Plastic Surgeons Houston

Comparing Before and After Images Is Good before Going to a Plastic Surgeons Houston


Dr. Ben Cilento

As you seek the finest of plastic surgeons Houston, one vital step in the process is to compare the before-and-after photos of the candidates that you are considering. You might think that this is an unnecessary step; surely all of the plastic surgeons Houston that are board-certified have fantastic photos to show potential clients. Some of them might even be air-brushed. Why look at them?

Here s why:

No matter how many certifications a plastic surgeon has, no matter how many medical school certificates are on the wall, it does not change the fact that some of them are skilled at what they do and some of them are not gifted, no matter how educated they are. Photos will help you to figure out which


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has the right touch and which do not. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Photos are the plastic surgeon s pudding!

Any reluctance to show you before-and-after photos will help you to disqualify the candidates that you have indentified among plastic surgeons Houston. These types of photos should be readily available, and they should include both before and after.

You need solid evidence of the excellence of the candidates that you have culled among plastic surgeons Houston. That evidence, for better or for worse, is photos. It s not office d cor, advertizing, diplomas or resumes in this field. It is what happy patients look like after a nose job, a face lift, any number of operations. Think of yourself as an investigator looking for hard evidence. You should feel absolutely no guilt or timidity in requesting to look at photographic evidence of the plastic surgeon s reputed skill.

As you flip through photos from plastic surgeons Houston, don t judge the candidates for your business negatively just because s/he is showing you his/her best work. That is a normal reaction to your request for photos, and if s/he can do such great work for someone else, s/he can do it for you.

One caveat as you look through photos is this: your face/body is different from those people in the photos. Quite frankly, some of those people might have had more to work with before the operation than you do. You will NOT look like them when you are finished. You will look like a version of you, hopefully an improved version. Do not let the photos fool you into thinking that you will look like a model after your procedure is done by one of the

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and Houston that you are considering. Remember that you will look much like you. Even the best plastic surgeon cannot give you an entirely new face, for instance.

As you hunt for the best possible doctor among plastic surgeons Houston, do not leave out the brief but vital step of looking at before-and-after photos. It could be the most important step that you take in making the decision on who will modify your face and/or body.

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