Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kasur Tashi Wangdi was appointed Representative of the Dalai Lama to the Americas on April 16, 2005. He had previously served as His Holiness’ representative in New Delhi. He has served the Tibetan government-in-exile since 1966, starting as a junior officer and rising to the highest rank of Kalon (Cabinet Minister). As a Kalon, he at one time or another was head of the major ministries, including the Department of Religion and Culture, Department of Home, Department of Education, Department of Information and International Relations, Department of Security, and Department of Health. He is not a Buddhist scholar but describes himself as a civil servant. He possesses a BA in Political Science and Sociology from Durham University.

Wikinews reporter David Shankbone recently spoke to him about Chinese-Tibetan relations, the status of the Panchen Lamas, the awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal to Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th and current Dalai Lama, the appointment of Tibetan high monks by the Chinese government and some of the Dalai Lama’s views on topics on religions and societal topics.


  • 1 The Office of Tibet and the Tibetan government in exile
  • 2 The Chinese invasion and occupation
  • 3 Tibetan reaction to the Dalai Lama’s Congressional Gold Medal
  • 4 The disappearance of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the eleventh Panchen Lama
  • 5 Gyancain Norbu, the boy selected by the Chinese government
  • 6 The selection of the next Dalai Lama
  • 7 The views of the Dalai Lama
  • 8 Arunachal Pradesh, an historically Tibetan area of India claimed by China
  • 9 Shugden worship
  • 10 Karmapa controversy
  • 11 External Links
  • 12 Source