Finding The Right Fluorescent Light Holder


Whether you’re an electrical contractor, a commercial building owner or a homeowner who works with fluorescent lighting, it’s important that you’re making the right choices when upgrading or making a repair. Not all fluorescent lighting is the same. For example, the lights within an aquarium are often fluorescent, but they’re not the same as the fluorescent lights you’ll find within a vending machine. The fluorescent light holder being used makes a big difference, so it’s important that the one you’re choosing is applicable to your specific fluorescent lighting system.

Shop Smart


Ordering electrical parts like a fluorescent light holder should be done with care. Products that are manufactured poorly can lead to larger problems and they can also negatively impact your electrical system. This is especially important for electricians and electrical contractors who have customers that depend on their judgment when choosing which parts and equipment to use. Often, independently owned companies place a higher focus on customer satisfaction, making them a wise choice when quality is a priority.

Asking Questions

It can be incredibly difficult to make the call on which fluorescent light holder is right for your system when you’ve never had to make a repair or replacement before. In these situations, don’t hesitate to seek out customer service. With so many different options with varying capacities, you don’t want to risk your light holder being too large or too small for your lighting set-up. Additionally, ordering a bulk amount of product can be a big investment for contractors, including electricians. By double checking your order and ensuring that the right parts will be arriving to your door, you can maximize your spending.

Homeowners Welcome

If you’re an avid believer in DIY projects and have a basic background in electrical work, many manufacturers welcome non-contractor customers. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can often save money while still obtaining the same quality product you would get in a hardware store. However, if you are a non-professional attempting any type of electrical repair or replacement within your home – be sure that you take the safety precautions necessary to protect both yourself and your electrical system.

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