India An Alternative For Complex Medical Care

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India is viable as an alternative for complex medical care including cosmetic surgery. Comprehensive solutions for all medical needs are available with the highest levels of service, facilities and professional skills. Medical care can be availed in a fraction of the cost incurred in the West.

India has emerged as the preferred healthcare destination for patients across the world. For specialised treatments like open-heart surgery, paediatric cardiac surgery, liver transplant, hip and knee replacement, bone marrow transplant, cancer therapy and cosmetic surgery, the country today enjoys large tourist influx.

One of the advantages India has in medical services is that top-class medical services are available across India in all A-tier cities. International patients get immediate attention and assistance in medical centres anywhere in India at affordable rates. Moreover, there are no waiting lists or queues to baffle patients or their families.

A large number of patients who arrive in India come for cosmetic surgery, which is quite expensive in the West. They can get surgery done in a fraction of the cost they would otherwise pay. However, with a range of options available in India, a medical tourist may get confused about taking the right decision. Here are a few tips that would help.


Basic questions you need to ask the surgeon are

their qualification and experience

how often they have carried out the procedure

post-surgery care


Before you call the surgeon, think about the changes you want from the surgery. Is the procedure for rectifying a major deformity or to look younger? Write down the expectations and frankly discuss with the surgeon if it is possible to achieve these.

Fee at various medical facilities may differ. So consult several hospitals in various Indian cities to find out where the surgery will be cheaper. However, take care of not compromising on skills of the surgeon. Better skilled and experienced surgeons may charge higher, so take that into account.

It is advisable to get all information about the type of surgery which the surgeon is suggesting. You should be aware of the risks associated with that type of surgery along with the advantages. There are so many things to explore before you opt for a specific type of surgery for taking the right decision.

If you know anyone who has undergone plastic surgery in India recently, ask them for suggestions. They may be able to provide you some input you may not get otherwise. If not, you may consult your local doctor or research on the Internet. However, don t just take a decision on the information provided by them on their websites. It is better to have detailed consultation with them directly before finally taking a call.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, no matter how trivial they may sound. It is a good idea to research and write down the questions before hand and to make a note of their answers as well. The surgeon should provide satisfactory answers to all your questions. A good surgeon will welcome questions about their professional qualifications, experience, costs and payment policies. They will be very clear about the risks of surgery as well as possible variations in outcome.

For cosmetic plastic surgery, India offers a range of options. It is up to you to deliberate on all these alternatives and take a sound decision.

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