Kitchen Cabinet Plans Diy Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet plans made it possible for us to do all our kitchen cabinets ourselves. We never taught we could actually do them so nicely. Last year my wife and I decide that it was time to give our kitchen a new look. We did quite a bit of remodeling in our house but the kitchen remained undone. We have done all the work ourselves but we were not sure if doing the kitchen cabinets would be a good idea.

Are manufactured cabinets really better?

Our project was to put new floor covering ourselves, to do the counter top and the back splash with tiles and to buy cabinets already made because it seemed difficult to do. So we started by shopping around for kitchen cabinets. We didn’t like what we found. Not only the price of the cabinets we liked was outrageous but the quality did not justify such high cost.

A lot of cabinets made in factory are simply stapled and glued and we were concerned about how long they would keep looking good, because it is a big investment. It was also difficult to find the exact shade we needed to fit with our kitchen furniture.

Beside the installation cost knock me right off. So we moved to the lumber department and took notes of the price of wood, I mean real nice hard wood like oak and maple, that we could dye the shade we want.

Should you do them yourself?

We went back home realising that kitchen cabinets are not that hard to make. What if we could make a few cabinets every week-end, how much could we save? We want to figure it out.

I went online to the woodworking plans program I have purchased last year for less than what it cost to fill up my gas thank. I realised that, out of thousands of plans, several blueprints for kitchen cabinets were there. I was able to print our ten different designs in no time. It took us a lot longer to decide witch one to pick and with what kind of wood to do them, but finally we agreed on a great combination.

After carefully measuring our kitchen, the plans allowed us to calculate how much wood to get. We were amazed to see that doing our cabinets would cost us only one fifth of the price in stores, and that is including all the hardware and the expensive door handles my wife really wanted.

Building the cabinets was fun!

We started redoing our cabinets one section at a time so the kitchen could still be functioning. We did a small section first and by following the plans it was a lot easier that we taught.

We were intimidated at first by this project simply because we never done it before. Cabinets are only boxes with a door on the front. The design we pick for the doors was easy to make and we would never had found anything like it in a store because we actually invented it.

It is nice to follow kitchen cabinet plans and add our personal creativity to the finishing part. In tree weeks, all our cabinets were done at a fraction of the cost of new ones.