Multiple Sclerosis: What To Expect And Is There A Cure?

By Brent McNutt

Multiple Sclerosis is not an uncommon disease. Although genetic makeup has a hand in causing it, geographical location and environmental conditions may affect the onset of the disease as well. Studies show that more Caucasians are suffering from the said disease and the risk of having it is higher for those that are living in the North of the equator. The disease affects the central nervous system and results to loss of insulation around the nerves. It can affect various areas of the body and worse, may lead to paralysis.

The disease is not fatal in itself, but complications may be life threatening. The disease causes immobility and can lead to unfortunate accidents. About 2.5 million people all over the world suffer from this disease, and this includes young people, with more women being affected.

The effects of the disease are both physical and mental. Minor attacks may lead to visual impairment or lack of mobility for the limbs. There are reported cases wherein someone who incurred an attack was able to recover and continually improve. However, this does not mean that the disease will not recur. Sometimes, there can be a second attack which is worse than the first one, and the second attack can lead to rapid deterioration and may lead to complete paralysis. During this stage, the ability of the patient to recover or respond to medication is highly reduced.


The part of the central nervous system that is affected may vary, thus, the symptoms and the areas affected may vary as well. One patient can suffer from loss of vision while another patient may suffer from limb paralysis of chronic fatigue. However, studies show that 50% of the people who have Multiple Sclerosis suffer from impaired memory. Another 10% shows signs of mental imbalance. Both symptoms greatly affect the person’s ability to perform daily tasks.

As of this time, there is no known cure for the disease. Patients who seek professional help must understand that medication can only help in slowing the deterioration process. Those that are affected by the disease must concentrate on how to make life a little easier and to prevent additional complications.

Most medications available nowadays only slows down the symptoms and some even have side effects that may worsen the patient’s condition. Recently, however, a new drug was discovered for Multiple Sclerosis. Its effectiveness to cure the disease is yet to be established. However, there are many claims about the ability of the drug to actually cure the disease. The drug is also known to not have any side effects or risks to the patient.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that no one would like to have. However, since there are no known ways to prevent the disease especially if you are at risk of it genetically and geographically, we can only hope that soon, a cure for this cruel disease will be discovered. One can just hope that in time, there will be a way to put a stop to the damage that this disease can cause to the lives of the people affected, as well as to the lives of their families and friends.

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