Free Weekly Horoscope For The Week Of 27th September 2010

Submitted by: The Sky Man

Aries. You might be asked to do some work this week or some favour for your mate or your best friend. Anything that you contribute will be well appreciated. Whatever you do seems to turn out very well. For example, if you go fishing you will catch the biggest fish. It seems that everything you do turns out in your favour. So reach out and be sure to do something for your own well being as well as that of a friend in need.

Taurus. This is not a time to take chances or try to change anything of importance. Everyone is after you to settle down during this period and it is good advice. However you do not want to hear it. If you do not settle down within a year, it may take you more years to do it than you think. Get yourself into a permanent place this year if you can. Then next year you will be ready to take advantage of a nice opportunity.

Gemini. Whatever you do this week it will turn out very well as everything seems to favour you now. Your brilliant ideas are well received, your money is good, and your work goes along smoothly. Sit back and enjoy the feeling that everyone thinks that you are the greatest. This is the time to go after whatever you want, even a pay rise or the date you have been thinking about.

Cancer. Changing your tactics now will not help even though other people are advising you to do so. No one is listening to you so you may as well not even try to argue. In another week or so it will be a different story. Once we are into October, you will have no trouble getting others to pay attention. By then you will have an entirely new repertoire of new ideas and fail-safe arguments. You will be the leader this time.


Leo. Several of your stars aspects are favourable to you right now. Whatever you wish to accomplish, be sure to do it this week for the best chance of success. Right now you look your best, feel good about yourself and are already moving in the right direction. This is a time to reach out for what you want in life. Do not, however change your methods or shift jobs at this point. But you are good to go for everything else.

Virgo. This is a somewhat rather unimportant week. You will deal with only routine and mundane matters. However, stay alert as you could be a little accident prone particularly in the first part of the week. Your finances are running smoothly and you are spending time going over your budget and tending to your resources and general comfort. If you have not already been decorating your bedroom, this is a good time to do it.

Libra. This is a period that appears very friendly toward you so now is the time to go after whatever you really want or need. Now is the time to go for a loan, a raise in pay, submit papers, purchase new transportation or make plans for travel. All things are possible if you put in the effort. A little work on your part is necessary but some good things will seem to just fall right into your lap.

Scorpio. Money seems to be running through your fingers this month, as usual, so you do need to tighten up your budget somewhat. Your love life is probably a little rocky now but will improve in another week or so when you will have to clear the air and do the making up with your partner. Then all is well again. Plans are being made behind your back and you will learn of them sometime next week.

Sagittarius. As the saying goes, there is a time and tide for everyone, and for you the time is right now. This is the week in which you must get off your rear end and do something worthwhile for yourself. There are aspects that are favouring you right now so try for whatever is most important in your life. Put in an application, ask for that raise, call that someone special for a date or go for that job interview.

Capricorn. Your business and investments are going very well now but everything else in your life is a little rocky this week. People are aggravating and do not want to listen to you. On the other hand you too do not want to listen to them either. You may not be sleeping too well this month so you need some time by yourself to relax. This is a good time to plan for that trip you can take later.

Aquarius. Just about everything and anything that you do this week turns out favourable to you. Your ideas are good, your actions are correct and you feel good about yourself. This is the week to ask for that raise in pay or to submit an application for a loan. It is also a good time to purchase new transportation. People are finally listening to you and are sympathetic towards your cause right now.

Pisces. This coming week, you will find that everyone is irritating you and you would rather not listen to them and their sad stories. They mean well but they are trying to get you to do things that you feel you would rather not do. For example, work on the house or the yard or being introduced to someone who does not interest you. This is a good time to head off for some alone time and simply rest or study something for your self improvement.

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