What Men Would Like To Tell Their Other Halves}

Submitted by: Arnab Roy Choudhury

Men like being respected

All men need to know that they are respected, both at home and in public. They love the fact that their girlfriends/ wives love them, trust them, and believe in them. They would rather feel unloved than be disrespected.

A mans cold anger is often a direct response to disrespect

Is your guy acting all cold and aloof lately? He must me mad at you for something, thats for sure. It can be anything from being sarcastic to him in front of his mom, or maybe just insulting his lack of taste in body spray! Yes it might sound funny, but it must have stung him and he feels humiliated.


Yes, you heard it right. Men are indeed insecure

Men are as vulnerable as you are. They suffer from bouts of terrible insecurities and keep thinking about whether they are doing well in life not just at work, but at home too and in their roles as the other half. If you think your man is insecure about his appearance, just check his box of male grooming products the more hes got, the more insecure he is. No, just kidding! But, jokes aside, men need tons of affirmation. They need some genuine praise from someone they love so much. And girls, sorry to tell you this, but if you dont give them that, they will surely seek it elsewhere. So give them some loving and make them as confident as you can!

Men have this obligation of being the provider of the family!

Men have this innate burden of being the provider and its imbibed in them no matter what. Even if his wife is richer than him, he would still take on that responsibility. It can be traced back to the patriarchy, but if course. Even if the wife is buying her husband or boyfriend, all the fancy body sprays and male grooming products he secretly craves for, he will still be wired with this burden.

Yes, men do want more sex

Your natural response to this would be probably be a resounding Oh well! with an eye-roll, but lets give this some thought. Men dont crave the physical act only because they want more, but they need to feel wanted. They simply need to be desired and feel that they are wanted by the women they love.

Men struggle with visual temptation

This simply means that most men respond visually when it comes to women. No, we are not only talking about the ones with the roving eye. Even the best husband/boyfriend in the world cannot help but notice a woman in a tight, red dress. Even if it is merely a glance, these visual images are stored away in the male brain as a sort of visual rolodex that will reappear without any warning. Men can choose whether to dwell on these images and memories or dismiss them, but they cant control when these images appear.

Yes, men do like romance but they dont know if they can be the ideal romantics.

Its true that a lot of men appear to be like baboons when it comes to romance, but it doesnt mean that they want to be that way! They do want to be romantic, but they doubt their skills to be the same. They hesitate. Their idea of romance might be innocuously asking you to go to the hardware store when they want some alone time. Yes, very stupid, but play along. They need the encouragement.

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